Wisdom In the Community

vs. foolishness

Making practical application of what is learned

To practice Wisdom I will:

  • seek out knowledge to fill in my gaps
  • learn from correction
  • choose my friends carefully
  • consider the consequence of my action
  • ask “what is the right thing to do?”

“Our GPS”
-Jill W Tomey

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had a personal GPS device to guide us in making wise decisions? It could tell us the best route to take on any given day identifying those things that could slow us down or get in our way. It could predict our arrival at the goal.

Without such a device, we seek other ways to attain wisdom. In deciding which path to take, we often consult with others to tell us what to do. In most cases, they will tell us what to do based on the truths that they live by. This may not be the truths that we live by. A true mentor will help us to understand our own truths and therefore our own path, the one that is right for us.

Ultimately, we are the only ones who know what our individual truths are, so it is important to listen to that inner voice. That is when the wise path becomes obvious. So then, it seems, we do have an internal GPS if we are just quiet enough to listen to it.

This month, let your inner truths keep you headed in the right direction.