Justice In the Community

vs. unfairness

Taking personal responsibility to uphold what is pure, right, and true

To practice Justice I will:

  • act on what is true
  • speak for what is right
  • educate myself to keep my motives pure
  • promote reform, not revenge
  • reject bias in myself and others

“Pure, Right, and True”

When you think of justice your mind probably jumps to a criminal getting their punishment in a court of law. Our definition of justice makes it a personal responsibility to do the right thing, not something meted out in the court system.

The first court of justice is our conscience. It governs our responses. The character quality of Justice teaches us that it is our responsibility to act and speak in ways that uphold what is pure, right and true. To be pure in this sense is to be objective. Our judgment should not be polluted with prejudice or personal bias. To be right means that it adheres to a set of rules, policies, or accepted practices. To be true requires following universal, long standing truths.
Justice is not about crime and punishment but about treating each person fairly. Most of the time, we know what constitutes fair and just but sometimes the right path is unclear. It is these times that we must use our compassion and empathy to help us arrive at a just conclusion.

This month, practice thinking “pure, right and true” and everyone will be treated fairly.