Flexibility In the Community

vs. stubbornness

Adjusting to change with a good attitude

To practice Flexibility I will:

  • not get upset when plans change
  • accepting the things I cannot change
  • be open to new and different experiences
  • learn from my mistakes
  • anticipate and prepare for change

    “We All Were Flexible”
    -Jill W Tomey


    Life is all about change. Think about how many changes occurred as you grew from a baby into a toddler, from a toddler to a walker. Each new grade in school brought new teachers, new rooms, new rules, new classmates, and new lessons.

    Then there was old enough to drive, old enough to vote and old enough to drink. Back then we looked forward to change, expected it, prepared for it, and accepted it. We couldn’t wait for it. Flexibility was our middle name.

    As adults, we also know that the only constant is change. When we resist change, whether it is a simple change in an event or a reorganization at work, we miss the opportunity to grow up just a little bit more.

    This month, identify something you have resisted and give Flexibility a try.