Family Tree

by | Mar 25, 2023 | Family Activity | 0 comments

Gather the family and start a discussion on the difference between finite and infinite. Use items around the house to describe finite. We have a finite number of rolls of toilet paper, dinner forks, shoes in our closets, etc. Use feelings to describe infinite. There is an infinite amount of love, happiness, kindness in our hearts. Someone else’s happiness or good fortune doesn’t take away any of ours. Being happy for someone else can add to our happiness when we celebrate with them. Part of humility is thinking of others and appreciating their positive qualities. To demonstrate this concept, you will need a small tree branch or a small tabletop Christmas tree. You can also draw a tree on a large sheet of paper or poster board. You will need leaf shapes on which to write positive things about each family member. See the download for a copy of two sizes of leaves to use. You can use the small ones and write one thing on each leaf or you can use the large ones and write on thing on each of the leaf veins. Since the space is small, each person may want to explain what they wrote and maybe give an example. Make sure that there is an equitable number of traits for each family member. After each person has reviewed what has been written about them, they will add one more leaf where they choose a positive trait that they believe they have. Humility doesn’t exclude understanding your own positive qualities, but it does keep you from bragging and exaggeration.


To process this activity, ask these or similar questions:

  • Was it fun to read the nice things we said about each other?
  • Was it easy to come up with positive things about others?
  • Were you surprised by any of the nice things about you?
  • Was it easy to come up with positive things about yourself?
  • Do you understand that saying nice things about other people did not take away our happiness?