It is Back to School Time!

by | Jul 25, 2023 | Family Activity, Holiday Activities | 0 comments

Celebrate back-to-school using some Character Qualities in a way that makes sense for your family.

In the past, back to school was the end of summer bummer! Given the pandemic difficulties, cultivate some appreciation for the opportunity to learn, no matter how that opportunity is delivered.

Keep the attitude positive no matter what the new school year brings. Look for the good, and you will find it.

Talk to your children about goals for this year. What habits could they start that will help them academically? With friends? In the family? Their mental or physical health?

We have all been through a lot. What self-compassion do you need to help make this school year great? What compassion can you offer your family or your friends? Use your Attentiveness and Alertness to be aware of the pain others may still be suffering, then use your Initiative to find a way to help.

We have all had it rough. It would be easy to focus on what we lost during lockdowns. Use this time to wipe the slate clean, forgive and let go of all the disappointments, so they do not weigh you down for this year.

What if you do not have kids going back to school?
If you are like me, without kids in the school-age years, you can still use the qualities listed above to declare a fresh start. You could also use your Generosity to provide school supplies for kids in need.