Enthusiasm In the Community

vs. apathy

Expressing interest and excitement in what I do

To practice Enthusiasm, I will:

  • put my whole heart into what I do
  • smile to inspire others
  • be an eager giver
  • treat every job as important
  • not be discouraged my failure

    “Be the Cheer-leader!”

    Several years ago, Oak Hills High School had a Respect Day that was totally planned and orchestrated by the Senior Class. They started the day by enthusiastically greeting the rest of the student body, staff and faculty as they entered the building. They cheered, clapped, shook hands, and handed out business card size notes with greetings and positive messages, to make each person feel welcome. The response from the receiving students was amazing. They felt like celebrities. What was even more amazing is how the students in the senior class felt being that enthusiastic. It was a win-win for everyone!

    Wouldn’t it be great to have your own set of personal cheerleaders to cheer you on in even your most mundane tasks? You can be your own cheerleader and think positive things to combat the head trash that gets in our way. We all prefer being around happy positive people rather than the whiners so why not make being in your own company pleasant and positive?

    This month, be the person in the room who brings the enthusiasm!

    The Links below will take you to Resources you can use with the family or within community organizations
    to teach the Character Quality of Enthusiasm.
    The following activities are related to dates this month and can relate to any character quality or good character in general.

    March Character All Month

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    St. Patrick’s Day Activity

    Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by identifying the Character Quality associated with the following Irish proverbs: Complain that you have no shoes until you meet a man who has no feet. (Gratefulness) Many a ship is lost within sight of the harbor. (Determination) It’s not...

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