Discipline In the Community

vs. self-indulgence

Choosing behaviors to help me reach my goals

    To practice Discipline I will:

    • set my own limits
    • not act impulsively
    • walk away from things that aren’t right
    • not equate desires with rights
    • choose to build good habits

      “Positive Self-Talk”
      -Jill W Tomey

      Discipline starts with our self-talk, those things we say about ourselves to ourselves in our heads. If we are constantly saying negative things about ourselves our actions and reactions will reflect this negativity. Just as we wouldn’t choose to hang around a group of friends that only said negative things about us, we need to Discipline our thoughts to eliminate the negative chatter we generate in our minds. Increasing positive self-talk gives us a more optimistic outlook which enables us to cope better with stressful situations and have a proper Disciplined reaction.

      Find a phrase you can use to counter the negative so that when you recognize the negative chatter, you can stop it. Take a deep breath and then find a phrase that is positive to replace the negative. Over time, the positive reaction will be your first reaction.

      Some have found daily affirmations helpful. Most people can probably list their recurring negative chatter so create affirmations, that are written in the positive. The affirmation should create a positive image in your mind when you read it. Some people find it helpful to post their affirmations around the home or workspace to stay you focused on the positive.

      This month, improve your Discipline by choosing positive self-talk.