Self-Control In the Community

vs. self-indulgence

Choosing behaviors to help me reach my goals

    To practice Self-Control​, I will: 

    • set my own limits
    • not act impulsively
    • walk away from things that aren’t right
    • not equate desires with rights
    • choose to build good habits

      Less is More

      by Mary Andres Russell

      Is there an area of your life in which you need to exercise self-control?  Is it spending?  Too much food or drink?  Or in controlling your emotions?

      Self-control is not about rigid self-punishment. It’s about creating a life that aligns with our values and aspirations. By staying in control, we build trust in ourselves and our ability to navigate life’s complexities.

      A school guidance counselor once told a story about how he demonstrates the need for Self-Control.  When we indulge in anger or criticism, it is like taking a clean sheet of paper and crumpling it into a wad of trash.  Later in regret we may try to repair the relationship, just as we may try to straighten out that sheet of paper.  But try as we might, the folds and creases remain.  And just as that piece of paper is never quite the same, that relationship may also suffer.  It can take months or even years to repair the damage of one out-of-control argument.

      This month, use Self-Control to strengthen your resolve and your relationships.  That means simplifying — less is more:  less over-indulging, more setting small, achievable goals and following through on commitments; less busyness, more aligning our actions with our values and aspirations; less allowing our emotions to rule the day, more taking a step back, a deep breath, and exercising our self-control.

      The Links below will take you to Resources you can use with the family or within community organizations
      to teach the Character Quality of Self-Control.
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