Decisiveness In the Community

vs. procrastination

Processing information and finalizing difficult decisions

To practice Decisiveness I will:

  • look at things from more than one point of view before making up my mind
  • not look back
  • follow through on decisions
  • make the right decision and stick to it
  • make good decisions in spite of peer pressure

Core Resources

Community Resources

“No More Wishy-Washy”

Everyone has probably known a person who was so wishy-washy that they either agreed with everything or could not make a decision. They do not have a Decisive bone in their body. These people are no fun to be around. We’ve all probably experienced momentary wishy-washiness (spellcheck let me use that word??). This usually happens when the decision involves an area that is not clearly defined or when a choice involves choosing between two things that both have high priority.

Just like a teacher uses a rubric when grading papers to decide if an answer is correct, decisions need rubrics for choosing between multiple solutions. For moral decisions, our conscience is our guide. For food choices, our taste preferences are the rubric – unless lobster is one of the choices and then budget might be the rubric. These rubrics are created from our experiences. Both the good and bad experiences of the past shape our rubric for future decisions.

For most decisions, we do not even realize we are applying a rubric. When a decision is life-changing, we may take more time with creating a rubric for investigating solutions and comparing potential outcomes. Then there is the Pros and Cons list. Again, our experience will influence whether an outcome is a Pro or a Con. Decisiveness does not require that all decisions be made in an instant but that they be made timely to the circumstance.

Can we consciously influence our rubrics? Certainly! We can intentionally study and practice Character qualities that we want to influence future decisions and behavior. We can choose to build habits that make decisions more automatic, (more Decisive!) and less subject to the feelings of the moment. By choosing relationships and environments that are aligned with our core beliefs we increase the positive experiences that will become part of our rubrics.

Decisions can be a spur of the moment or carefully thought out. In both cases, we are using the experiences we have accumulated. Decisiveness requires we use our judgment and act timely.

This month, what character quality will you study to improve your Decisiveness?

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