Attentiveness In the Community

vs. distraction

Concentrating on the person or task before me

To practice Attentiveness I will:

  • make eye contact
  • ask questions when I do not understand
  • set the intention to listen
  • not make it about me
  • tune out distractions

Paying attention to people or tasks requires concentration and focus. Driving is just one example where we can see that being attentive to a small detail can make the difference between a close call and a tragedy. The same can be said for communication within relationships. How often have we been in conversation with someone and knew they were not paying attention to the point we were making? Probably as many times as we have been the one not paying enough attention to what someone was trying to communicate to us. It takes more than just listening to someone else. It takes reading between the lines, watching for clues in body language, facial expressions, and voice inflections. It takes caring enough to spend the energy to block out distractions, formulate relevant questions and respond positively and appropriately. That’s a lot of work in a few seconds. It is a skill that must be practiced to be acquired.

This month, determine who in your life has not had your full attention and practice listening attentively.

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