Sincerity In Business

vs. hypocrisy

Doing what is right with transparent motives

To practice Sincerity I will:

  • take responsibility for my own actions
  • always mean what I say
  • respect others’ opinions
  • not take advantage of other people
  • be my truest self
    “Balancing Sincerity”

    by Jill Tomey

    How much of yourself do you bring to work? I always struggled with how much faith to bring to work. My spirituality governs my daily life, so it was impossible not to bring it. Still, I decided I needed to be sensitive to working with people with different or no spirituality. I chose a single religious item to display in my office. When I spoke about church-related activities, I was careful to avoid preaching and politics. I offered to pray for people if they shared a concern with me. Sometimes I felt like I was holding back, leaving me feeling insincere. When I realized that I needed to balance Sincerity with Acceptance, Cooperation, and Humility, I felt much more comfortable with my decision. I hope that how I conducted my professional life aligned with the faith-filled personality I chose to share.


    How do you bring yourself to work?

    Interview for Sincerity with this question:

    Tell [us/me] about a time when you made a mistake and what you did to fix the situation.

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