Personalized License “PL8TS” (Plates)

by | Apr 25, 2021 | Team Building

This activity requires that you have a few story starters that are age-appropriate for the students. This can be done in one large group or several smaller ones depending on the Provide each person with drawing paper and crayons or markers. Have them create a license plate that describes themselves. At the top of the plate is a state name. Please encourage them to make up a name that adds to the description of themselves. Character Qualities make great choices for this. The bottom of the plate can contain a motto or short quote. The motto can be something they makeup or a famous saying that applies to them. The main part of the plate is the number itself. They can use short full spell words, any texting abbreviations, or standard plate abbreviations. The Download below contains some common abbreviations they may want to use. Set a max number of letters that can be on their plate. (The number varies by state, but 8 characters or spaces is a good target.) When they are finished, allow them to share their license plate design with the rest of the group explaining why they choose what they did.

To process the activity, ask these or similar questions:

  • Was designing your own plate fun?
  • Did anyone use a vanity plate they own or have seen?
  • Was it hard to pick a state?
  • Did your plate have anything in common with any other plate?
  • Were all the plate components positive?

Final thought: The differences and similarities among the plates show the variety we bring to this group.