Resilience In Business

vs. spiritless

Recovering from adversity

To practice Resilience I will:

  • adapt to adverse conditions
  • seek out support and build relationships
  • find meaning in all I do
  • not let failure stop my goals
  • build on my experiences 

Change Management

Businesses are often on the move, upgrading products, protocols, and personnel.  Many joke that the only constant in business is change!  Managing change, especially with personnel, is key to successful growth.  Changes can be planned as when a company shakes up the org chart or surprising like supply chain disruptions.  Either way, Resilience helps to overcome the challenges of both.  First, look back at past challenges to glean ideas for solutions and gain confidence that this, too, shall pass.  Next, look at the current knotty situation and break it down into smaller issues that can be prioritized and tackled.  Finally, look to the future with positivity, and deposit the lessons learned, both personal and professional, to be used again later.

What will you do first with your Resilience?

-Jill Tomey

The Links below will take you to Resources you can use in the workplace or any organizational group
to encourage the Character Quality of Resilience.

Interview for Resilience with this question:

Has there been a time when you had to overcome adversity? What was the outcome?

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