Justice In Business

vs. unfairness

Taking personal responsibility to uphold what is pure, right, and true

To practice Justice I will:

  • act on what is true
  • speak for what is right
  • educate myself to keep my motives pure
  • promote reform, not revenge
  • reject bias in myself and others

    “Keep Being Curious”

    by Jill W Tomey

    In business, we often go from decision to decision, making judgements on the merits of new ideas, proposals, and people. Character based judgements will help us make decisions that are in the best interest of all those involved.
    The first character Quality needed for Just Judgements is Attentiveness. We need to be good listeners being careful to not filter information through our biases. We need to let all of the data influence a decision. Patrick Mosher, Founder of Wisdom 4 Humanity, puts it this way “When we limit options, we limit our ability to make informed judgments. Wisdom is gained through GOOD JUDGMENT. Let us sit at the table and actively listen to options that may grate us, make us angry and even push our moral fibers. But sit and listen. Really listen to truly understand.”

    Next, we need to take our Ego out of the decision process by using our Humility. We need to make sure that we do not selfishly choose that which has the best personal outcome. Keeping our Humility engaged helps us to make judgements that are good for everyone.

    Last, use your Wisdom to surround yourself with diverse opinions. If your surround yourself with ‘yes men’ you will cut down on disagreements but you will also diminish the quality of your decisions. Having an appreciation for diversity will provide you with more input for making solid judgements.

    Once we make a judgement, we stop gathering information. It closes us off to new data that could influence us. For some decisions, we have to stop the debate and make a decision. This is not always appropriate if it is about a person or a group of people. We need to continually ask questions to learn about those with whom we work. According to Candee Lawson, founder of Body Mind Source, judgement stops our curiosity to learn more.

    This month, listen humbly, appreciate diversity, and always stay curious to bring Justice to your decisions and relationships.

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