Gratefulness In Business

vs. entitlement

Demonstrating appreciation to others for what I have and how they have helped me

To practice Gratefulness I will:

  • show others how much I appreciate them
  • write thank-you notes
  • take care of what I have
  • count my benefits rather than my burdens
  • be content

    Gratitude is not Feedback

    -Jill Tomey

    Have you ever had a supervisor thank you for something you did and then follow it with a critique or suggestion?  That is not gratitude.  That is feedback.  Pay attention when you are giving someone praise or thanks that you limit it to just that, without a qualification that distracts from the Grateful gesture.  While it is the job of the supervisor to provide feedback, there is a place and a time for that, and it is not right after a Thank You.  This does not stop you from including appreciation or positivity in a designated feedback session or performance review.  Just do not let it water down a spontaneous thanks.

    How will you keep your Gratefulness focused?


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    Interview for Gratefulness with this question:

    How do you express Gratitude when someone does something for you?

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