Gratefulness In Business

vs. entitlement

Demonstrating appreciation to others for what I have and how they have helped me

To practice Gratefulness I will:

  • show others how much I appreciate them
  • write thank-you notes
  • take care of what I have
  • count my benefits rather than my burdens
  • be content

    “Beyond Appreciation”
    -Jill Tomey


    I was always involved in PTA at my daughters’ schools and worked with several principals. One principal stands-out because he wrote thank you notes – a lot. The feeling of being noticed, appreciated and thanked, kept me around for another term as president, even though the year had been a particularly rough one. Research bears this out in the workplace. “Four in five (81%) employees report they are motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work. When gratitude becomes a regular organizational practice, employees will feel both appreciated and valued, and their productivity and engagement will increase by leaps and bounds.” 1

    Gratefulness goes beyond appreciation. Gratefulness highlights the interdependence between the parties. It places value on the individual’s contribution to the team’s or company’s success. It affects people at a personal level and helps solidify relationships that support community building and cohesion within the workplace. Those who are Grateful also benefit from the expression of gratitude as it also makes them feel good, too.

    Being sincere when expressing Gratefulness is important. If an expression feels like empty flattery rather than true gratitude, it will make one feel manipulated rather than valued. Including details in an expression of Gratefulness will make it more meaningful to the receiver. The details provide a road map of behaviors to repeat to be further appreciated. In our education pillar we teach how to praise for character and effort rather the result. The same can be applied to business. While the results are still important in both cases, praising the character makes it much more personal and effective.

    Gratefulness doesn’t have to be restricted to supervisors thanking employees. Some companies have instituted Gratitude walls where post-its contain thank you notes to and from any employee. Excel-o-grams and YO awards (You’re Outstanding) can contain appreciation of co-workers to one another. Creating a platform that supports and encourages gratitude at all levels will improve the culture of the company.

    This month, focus on Gratefulness to improve your relationships and your outlook.

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