Generosity In Business

vs. stinginess

Managing resources to freely give

To practice Generosity I will:

  • share what I have with others
  • reuse and recycle
  • give of my time and talents
  • praise the qualities I see in others
  • not expect anything in return

A Generous Workplace Culture

There are three main areas where a company can be Generous. The first is with the community by donating to local or national causes. It may be donating cash, pro bono work, or encouraging/rewarding employees for volunteering in the community. The second area is being Generous to employees with adequate pay, performance bonuses, gifts, or training. An employer can also be Generous with praise, appreciation, and mentorship.    You wouldn’t expect to see company culture on this list but creating a positive, supportive, clean, comfortable, non-toxic environment where the right tools are available, skills are taught, and teamwork is valued, is being generous (and it doesn’t hurt the bottom line, either). The third area is often overlooked, and this is facilitating employees being generous to each other. This is typically a program where employees recognize each other for going above and beyond. If the culture encourages teamwork, then employees will organically be more generous with their time to help co-workers. If you aren’t sure which comes first, the programs or the culture, ask the chicken.

What will you contribute towards a Generous Culture?


-Jill Tomey

The Links below will take you to Resources you can use in the workplace or any organizational group
to improve the Character Quality of Generosity.

Interview for Generosity with this question:

Tell [us/me] about a time when you did something for someone and did not expect anything in return.

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