Endurance In Business

vs. discouragement

The inner strength to withstand stress and do my best

To practice Endurance I will:

  • put my whole heart into everything I do
  • accept both instruction and feedback
  • not let small obstacles deter me from my bigger goal
  • recognize progress in all its forms
  • not be a “quitter”

    Stress Volcanos

    -by Jill Tomey 

    Have you ever endured an angry outburst from a boss or co-worker that you knew, though directed at you, that they were reacting to stress and not to you? How many times have you been the one venting inappropriately? Endurance in the workplace is like managing a volcano. We need to have strategies to deal with the stresses of the job to release that pressure and prevent full-scale eruptions. This helps us be more productive, preserves our workplace relationships and protects our health. Constructively dealing with stress builds our Endurance for future stress. It’s important that leaders also manage the stress of the team. It is important to be aware of the stress that is occurring at all levels and create strategies that can help eliminate it and help teammates build their stress Endurance, too.

    What is your favorite way to manage stress and build Endurance?

    Interview for Endurance with this question:

    How do you handle stress in a fast-paced environment? Give an example.

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