Decisiveness In Business

vs. procrastination

Processing information and finalizing difficult decisions

To practice Decisiveness I will:

  • look at things from more than one point of view before making up my mind
  • not look back
  • follow through on decisions
  • make the right decision and stick to it
  • make good decisions in spite of peer pressure

    “Decide Decisively with Character”
    – Jill Tomey

    Decision-making is a vital skill in any organization. Decisions are made daily that affect the business in small or large ways. Missteps can be disastrous. The use of character can help make good decisions better.

    The first character quality to use when faced with a decision is Humility. You first ask yourself if this is your decision to make? Perhaps, the decision belongs to a level lower or higher than you. Taking a decision that is not yours can not only harm work relationships but may result in the wrong decision or a good decision that cannot get traction.

    Thoroughness is used to ensure that you have included all the proper stakeholders and that you have looked at all options. It is also important to know all the criteria a decision for which a decision will be judged. Making fast decisions without paying attention to detail will lead to poor decisions.

    Once you have a list of possible solutions, you need to use character to assist in evaluating the appropriateness of each one. First, use Loyalty to assure that a solution is consistent with the values and direction of the organization. Next, you will need Honesty to evaluate if the solution is within the means of the organization in terms of budget, manpower, or other constraints. Punctuality will assist in keeping decisions timely. Good decisions that are too late, are not decisive. And, new to some organizations will be evaluating options using Justice to determine if the solution is inclusive, equitable, and based on non-biased assumptions.

    Once a decision has been made, it must be communicated. Sincerity will keep communications honest and transparent. Decisiveness also means that once a decision is reached that we act. This may require Initiative to get things started and Cooperation to keep everyone working together.

    Decisions made with character are stronger, more aligned with the organization’s commitments, and better executed. When Humility, Honesty, and Sincerity are used, those involved feel valued and trust in a decision is increased.

    How have you used these or other Character Qualities to improve your Decisiveness?