Courage In Business

vs. conformity

Overcoming fear by saying and doing what is right

To practice Courage I will:

  • know the truth
  • get help when I am afraid
  • support others when they are right
  • be willing to stand alone
  • help those who are bullied or abused



“Leave your Comfort Zone”

by Jill Tomey

What would it take for you to leave your comfort zone at work and apply for that position or ask to be included on a project team?  More confidence?  More data?  More experience? Less risk?  Write out the pros and cons and weigh the alternatives.  Think about the worst case of failure and identify what you fear most about that failure.  What can you do to mitigate that one aspect that would make taking that risk less daunting? Think, too, about the best outcome and how that would feel. You don’t have to wait until you feel fearless to act.  Courage is acting in the face of fear and doing the right thing anyway.

What’s the next right thing for you?

Interview for Courage with this question:

Tell [us/me] about a time you stepped out of your comfort zone.

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