Courage In Business

vs. conformity

Overcoming fear by saying and doing what is right

To practice Courage I will:

  • know the truth
  • get help when I am afraid
  • support others when they are right
  • be willing to stand alone
  • help those who are bullied or abused

“Take the Next Step with Courage”
-Jill Tomey

Courage is perhaps the most important character quality as it provides a foundation for the others. It takes courage to do the right thing. It is essential to the learning process. We need to let go of our comfort zones and reach out to experience new things whether it is taking a step to mend a relationship or a new cyber-security method. Courage allows us to take those first faltering steps.

Alfred Hitchcock admitted, “I turn my fears into movies.” Like movies, we replay our fears over and over in our minds. Fear robs us of our happiness. Our fears can paralyze our potential and jeopardize our success in both our business and personal lives. With courage, we can take the risks and be confident that the ultimate outcome will be for our best since our conscience is clear. Courage requires that we let go of the need for certitude and replace it with this confidence.

I once read that when a job is posted, men and women with equal skills and experience but not in the posted position will approach it differently. Men are more likely to go after it even if they’ve never done that job. Women are less likely to apply. For most men, it isn’t empty boasting that makes them believe they are capable but a vision that it is the next logical step given their current position. Women are more likely to need to feel experienced in that position before wanting to make that move. Courage tells us that when we have built a firm foundation, we should take that leap. (If you know the source of this information, please share!)

This month, how can Courage help you take the next logical step with confidence?