Cautiousness In Business

vs. rashness

Taking time to ensure the right decision is made or action is taken

To practice Cautiousness I will:

  • think before I speak
  • follow safety guidelines
  • include others in decision making
  • think through possible outcomes
  • avoid unnecessary risk

    “The People Factor”
    -Jill W Tomey

    For years, part of my job included going into steel mills. I was required to wear PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and attend safety training at each mill, once a year. The training always emphasized that we were in charge of our own safety and had permission to stop any job we deemed unsafe. Cautiousness, for personal safety reasons, was a big issue in my industry. Most professions have some type of personal protection. Medical personnel wear gloves, masks and gowns. Construction workers have fall protection harnesses and hard hats. Policemen have bulletproof vests. All of us have passwords!

    But Cautiousness, as a character quality in business, isn’t only about personal safety. My PPE protected me, but Cautiousness also requires me to think about safeguarding others – particularly the relationships I have with those whom I work. Cautiousness is not being afraid to make bold decisions or take business risks. It’s about doing those things, as well as everyday decisions, with careful forethought of how it affects the people involved.

    One way to be Cautious in relationships is to be Sincere and transparent with your motives. Being open and honest with your transactions will safeguard relationships. Another is be conscientious of the give and take inherent in a good relationship. This doesn’t mean keeping score but being aware, so the relationship stays balanced. Placing value on relationships in decision-making will protect those relationships from rash behavior that could harm them.

    This month, practice Cautiousness by considering the people-factor in your choices.