Character Education Interview Series

Join us for our very special Interview Series featuring leaders in the Character Education field. Teachers, Administrators, and Parents are invited to attend this series as we find insight into how successful character education programs do more than just teach good character – they transform school cultures and the communities in which they reside.

Each interview will be presented as a webinar with a Q&A session for attendees after the interview. The series is free to attend but is limited to 100 attendees per session. Registration is required for each desired session. Click on the button to go to the registration page.

After attending these interviews, we hope you’ll join us for our brand new offering: Build YOUR Culture. This is a four-day course that challenges attendees to identify what pieces of a successful program are already in place at their school, and will empower attendees to know what next steps are necessary to go from a program to a culture change. Each day will have a short live interaction with our hosts from 20-45 minutes, with short assignments along the way to evolve your program or practices into a change in culture. 

Thursday, May 13, 2021 | 4:00 PM

Jim Place

Jim Place has spent 51 years as an educator, administrator, athletic director, and football coach in the Dayton and Cincinnati areas, with a strong passion for athletics and character education.

As a coach, he has been inducted into the Ohio High School Football Coaches Hall of Fame, is a State Champion football coach, and is the recipient of the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association Lifetime Achievement Award.

Jim spent time as the Director of Character Education for Hamilton City Schools, which was honored as Ohio and National School of Character Education during Jim’s tenure. He has presented at more than 300 conferences, clinics and other speaking engagements and has given Character Presentations to over 200 schools and groups. Jim has also presented at football clinics at Ohio State, University of Michigan, and Notre Dame.

Jim has been the primary presenter for University of Dayton Character Education classes for the past 10 years. Over 4,000 educators have taken at least one of the workshops, using the coursework as a springboard to implement character programs in their schools. In 2019, Jim was named the University of Dayton’s Outstanding Alumni for Christian Service.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 | 4:00 PM

Bill Croskey

Bill Croskey, School Psycologist

 Bill grew up near Dayton, Ohio, and received his degrees in education and his Specialist degree from Miami University. He began as a teacher in 1972.  He has worked in various public and private school settings and has also been a university instructor at Miami and Xavier. Staff members at Loveland Schools introduced the Character Council to him soon after it started.  He has served on the Board of the Council and has been a contributor to the Education Newsletter.   

Check out Croskey’s Corner here!

Thursday, May 20, 2021 | 4:00 PM

Mindy Cline & Amy Ott
Primary Village North Elementary, National School of Character 2019

Primary Village North of the Centerville City School District was designated a National School of Character in 2019 by We’ll be joined by the principal, Mindy Cline, and the school counselor, Amy Ott, for this interview. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2021 | 4:00 PM

Lori Soifer

Lori Soifer is the Director of the Schools of Character program with We’ll be interviewing her on the State and National School of Character designation.

Private: Build Your Culture: From Character Education Program to Culture Change

Character Education is more than just teaching students how to behave – it’s about changing the culture in your school or district to reflect your core values.

Join this four-day course and leave with actionable steps to take your character education program and practices and turn them into real culture change. Live sessions each day from 30-45 minutes with our team and other course participants.

  • Character Is The Plate – Moving your program and practices to real culture change that affects not only your school or district but your community as a whole.
  • Who’s on the Bus? – Making sure you have the right stakeholders involved in the character education efforts for maximum success.
  • A Balancing Act – Evaluating core values and making sure they’re the best for your school or district. We don’t tell you what values to choose but share the process for choosing the most effective for your situation.
  • Home & Abroad – Involving parents and the wider community in the character culture effort.

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