December Character All Month Long

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See for more information on these and other holidays to celebrate this month.

1 Rosa Parks Day “One person can change the world.” -Rosa Parks. What can you change in your world today?
3 Make a Gift Day Combine your Generosity and Creativity to make a gift today. See our activity!
3 Let’s Hug Day Hugs are wonderful displays of Compassion. (Covid Guidelines apply.)
3 International Day of Persons with Disabilities We can learn Determination from those who overcome disabilities.
6 Mitten Tree Day A Mitten Tree or any collection for those less fortunate is great way to demonstrate Generosity
6 Walt Disney Day Disney heroes model good character. Who is your favorite Disney Hero?
13 Worldwide Candle Lighting Day Today is a virtual 24-hour global candle lighting ceremony symbolizing Compassion and support for families grieving the loss of a child. See our activity!
13 Taylor Swift’s Birthday In honor of Taylor Swift’s Birthday today, “Shake it Off”. Resilience
16 Day of Reconciliation Day of Reconciliation was begun to help heal and bridge the gap in South Africa after the decades of injustice under apartheid. No matter where you live, you can use today to forgive someone or ask for Forgiveness.
21 Look On The Bright Side Day Focusing on Positivity can help chase away the Winter Doldrums.
26 National Thank You Note Day Practice Gratefulness with a nice note to someone for a holiday gift. Extra points if it is handwritten and mailed!
28 National Call a Friend Day Show your Loyalty to friends by being the one to initiate the conversation today.
30 National Resolution Planning Day Dust off your Decisiveness and plan next year’s resolutions with character-building in mind.

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