Sincerity – 2016

by | May 1, 2016 | Character Perspectives | 0 comments

From The Heart

-Mary Andres Russell

Have you noticed the power of speaking with sincerity, that is from the heart?

A Latin proverb states, “Sincerity gives wings to power.” When we speak from the heart, we touch other hearts. We also engage listeners and gain credibility through open, honest communication.

Sincere people are the same to the outside world as they are on the inside. Their thoughts, words, and actions are congruent and consistent. They say precisely what they mean and truly mean what they say.

Sincerity is possible only when we have a clear conscience. That involves doing what is necessary to clear the record between ourselves and others and making sure that our motives are transparent and in the best interest of others.

This month, take sincerity to a higher level. Check your motives, search your heart for “the why,” be honest with yourself and in your words and actions, and show your true colors.