Persuasiveness – 2018

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Kicking up your Persuasiveness with Character

We all use our powers of persuasion with family, friends, and business associates.  When Persuasiveness is used inappropriately it becomes manipulation.  Using some of the other character qualities, we can keep our Persuasiveness in check and not cross the line into manipulation.  If you feel that you aren’t very persuasive, perhaps you can use character to increase this skill appropriately.

The first quality to call upon is Sincerity.  Your credibility is linked to telling the whole story and being transparent with your motives.  When you are Trustworthy, your audience will care more about what you say and are more apt to agree. Show how much you believe in your ideas.

Using Patience allows you to understand the difficulties that the other party may have and to take the time to address their concerns.  Being Patient allows you to stay calm and focused on your message.  Your Attentiveness demonstrates a genuine interest in understanding the other person’s perspective.

Being well-prepared gives you the advantage so use Thoroughness to be effective and confident in your presentations and discussions.  The time you invest in being Thoroughly prepared tells your audience the importance you place on your request.

Learning to be an energy-giver rather than an energy-drainer, allows you to use your Enthusiasm to transfer energy to your audience.  Letting them be aware of your spirit of Cooperation will make them feel included and valued and more easily convinced.

This month, persuade your audience with valuable information and good character.

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