Creativity – 2018

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“Prepare to be Creative”

by Jill Welte Tomey


Creativity is not one of the first character qualities that is named when asked for a list. Creativity is a combination of optimism and determination with a little boldness. Using these qualities together allows you to question assumptions boldly, believe that there is a solution, and continue to try and re-try until a problem is solved – creatively. Creativity is not only about solving problems but how you approach whatever you do. Teachers can be creative in lesson planning; supervisors can be creative in managing change; parents can be creative in how they teach values. It is a choice to do something normal in a way that will be remembered better. Many people think of creativity as a random thought that pops up, but creative people prepare to be creative. They are usually avid readers and have various interests. They are always open to new ideas and usually ask lots of questions. In some cases, creativity is applying knowledge from one area to another. In others, it is just breaking something down into its components and applying known principles to replace the pieces with something fun or funny.

This month, think outside the box to find a creative solution to a problem that plagues you regularly.

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