Cooperation – 2018

by | Apr 1, 2018 | Character Perspectives | 0 comments

You’ve may heard about things that change when you go into space but have you heard about the shift that happens in your mind? When you look down from space our planet looks so much smaller. This has changed the perspective of many a returning astronaut. That phenomenon is called the overview effect. From space, the earth has been referred to as “the pale blue dot” as when you get far enough away that is all you can see. What you don’t see is the boundaries between countries. The overview effect make the conflicts that divide people become less important. The differences that separate us seem insignificant. When we all become “Earthlings” we can understand the need for Cooperation rather than being antagonistic or competitive. The team building activity in each of these bulletins seeks to find common ground among the students. Finding commonality creates a bond that unites them as a community.

This month, look for the things you have in common with others as a source for a more cooperative spirit.

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