Teambuilding – Trustworthiness

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Build a Handshake

Divide the class into groups.  You can use seating arrangements such as a row or table to define the groups or create groups on your own.  Instruct each group to build a handshake.  Designate a person to go first in each group.  They will start the handshake.  They can choose any form they want from the traditional to the fist-bump.  The next person takes the handshake, shares it with the next person and adds something of their own. They can add a dance step, pat their head, turn around, or anything that all of the people in their group are capable of doing and is appropriate.  The handshake is passed and added to by each person in the group.  When the whole group has added to the handshake, start at the beginning and pass the whole handshake through the group.  If time allows, let the groups “perform” their handshake for the rest of the class.  If you are feeling really ambitious, you can have the entire class participate in building a single handshake.  As long as the groups have an even number you can continue to use the handshake throughout the rest of the year by pairing up the students to do the handshake.  Having something known exclusively to the class, row or table can be very unifying.


To process this activity, ask these questions:


  • Did you like your handshake when it was done?
  • Was it more interesting than just a plain handshake?
  • How does it feel to own that handshake within your group?
  • Each handshake was diverse – can you appreciate the differences that we all bring to our classroom?

How did this activity go when you used it in your classroom? Did you make any modifications that worked better for you? Share your experience below!