Read All About It!

by | Jul 1, 2023 | Team Building

Each person will need a blank piece of paper and something with which to write. Have them write on the paper sideways (landscape). They are to write a fake headline identifying a future accomplishment. Encourage them to dream big. It could be a headline announcing they have been elected president or the first person to never lose a tennis match. The idea should be something they aspire to so walking on Mars would only be a headline of someone wanting to be an astronaut. Non-writing participants can draw a picture that would go with a newspaper article. They can verbalize their headline and share the drawing. If participants are well into their career and a huge future accomplishment isn’t realistic, then encourage them to pick a current project they would like to see finished. The project can be work or a home project (organize all my photos). Some examples are below.

Roger Sings to Sell Out Crowd
Mary Gets her Own Talk Show
Bob’s Novel is a Best Seller
Joan has Digitized All of her Recipes

If time allows, have each person share their headline with the whole group otherwise have them share in smaller groups. Optionally they can all be displayed somewhere in the room.

To process the activity when the sharing is completed, ask these or similar questions:

  • Was it difficult to come up with a headline?
  • Did you get ideas from others’ headlines?
  • Did anyone have a headline similar to yours?
  • Did you learn anything new about somebody?
  • Did the group have similar headlines or were they all different?
  • How do our similarities make us feel connected?
  • How do our differences make us feel richer for the diversity?