Magazine Cover

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Team Building

Divide the whole group into smaller groups of 4 – 6 people. Provide each group with a large sheet of paper and drawing materials. Each group is to design a magazine cover touting an accomplishment for which the larger group as a whole could be famous. It doesn’t have to be real, just possible (even futuristically). A grade school classroom could make an inadvertent scientific discovery with a project gone wrong or become famous for planting a garden and making vegetable soup for the hungry. Businesses could be lauded for a new recycling method or an organization could win an award for tucking bunk beds into overpasses for the homeless. It does not have to be related to your core business or purpose. Each group can choose which magazine cover they want to be on, such as Time or Boys Life. The Magazine title can even be fictional. When the groups are done, have them share out their magazine covers.

To process the activity, ask these or similar questions:

  • Was it fun to be able to think big or at least imaginatively?
  • Did hearing other’s ideas spark bigger ideas within the group?
  • Were there any common themes to the ideas?
  • What does the diversity (or lack of diversity) tell you about the personalities within this group? The organization?
  • Did any of these ideas spark thoughts of taking real action?

Final thought: In a community, it is important to recognize and appreciate the contributions of others.