Double Circle

by | May 27, 2022 | Team Building

Arrange the participants so that they are standing in two circles facing each other. If you have an odd number of participants, one will not have a partner in the opposite circle. This person gets to read the question for the round. When the circles move, that person will get a partner and the next odd man out gets to read. The questions that you write should deal with current events in the organization (What do you think about the proposed new dress code?) or the community (What does the closing of the park at the corner mean to you?), topics from current lessons for school children (Would you have wanted to ride in the Pony Express?), topics about the character quality of the month (Do you ever feel like giving up when you are facing a difficult problem? How do you keep yourself motivated to finish?) For each question that is read, the person in the inner circle answers first and then the person on the outer circle shares their answer.

To process this activity, ask these questions:

  • Was it difficult to answer some of the questions?
  • Did anyone learn anything new or interesting about another person?
  • Did you learn anything new about yourself?

Close with the observation that our similarities and our differences make us a stronger group.