Character in the Community

Transform Your Community

By promoting excellence in character, the Character Council is working to establish “Communities of Character” in neighborhoods, communities, and townships across Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky where we already have partners. Businesses, schools, government agencies, faith organizations and local media will work together to promote good character.

What a Community of Character looks like

In a community of character, key organizations in the community promote one positive character quality each month. Over time, the community shares this common language, citizens heighten their awareness of character and integrity, and eventually the people who live and work there demonstrate the 49 character qualities through their attitudes, words, and actions. For example:

  • people greet each other in places of business and on the street
  • neighbors watch out for each other and for the children
  • citizens stand up to bullies and to injustice
  • businesses operate with honesty and integrity
  • parents, school teachers, coaches and church members model good character for children
  • and in general, people bring the 49 character qualities to life through their daily habits.

Seminars and Training

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April 2014 “City of Character” launch event in Hamilton, Ohio. Over 60 community leaders and volunteers attended. All received wooden nickels from Miami University’s “Project Civility.”