Power Up with Character: Monthly Business Resources


This resource is a download of culture-building business resources based on the Character Quality of the Month. Not all qualities are available yet.


Any group can use these resources to focus on and improve the character qualities of individuals, thereby improving the organization’s culture as a whole. Each month, we focus on a different character quality.   Each monthly Power Up Resource contains two articles and two videos, each with separate discussion questions for leaders and associates. A list of journal prompts for personal growth is included; these can also be small discussion questions. An 8 1/2 x 11 poster is also included for printing.

You can purchase and download specific qualities, or there is another annual subscription product you can buy.

Additional information

Character Quality

Positivity 2022, Responsibility 2022, Diligence 2022, Gratefulness 2022, Generosity 2022, Resilience 2023, Kindness 2023, Punctuality 2023, Humility 2023, Flexibility 2023, Wisdom 2023, Collaboration 2023, Dependability 2023, Confidence 2023, Loyalty 2023, Respect 2023, Empathy 2023, Determination 2024, Honesty 2024, Justice 2024, Self-Control, Creativity


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