For the past 20 years, the Character Council has served Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana in our mission to foster character development in children and adults as a foundation for success. We advocate 36 Character Qualities that instill a positive mindset and compassion toward our fellow humans. Our vision is clearly defined: facilitate positive cultural change, contributing to a society in which individuals and families are strong, homes and streets are safe, education is effective, business is productive, faith communities are enriched, and citizens care for one another. 

With the triple tragedies of the pandemic, the economic turmoil, and the protesting of long-held racial injustice, many feel confused and powerless. The challenges we are experiencing shake our very core. But there is hope. History has shown time and time again that transformation can come from challenge, where we use this opportunity to reshape our society into one that is equitable and united. After all, “unity” is the root of “community”. In order to have this vision of community, we must find unity; to find unity, we must embrace and understand the needs of others; in order to do this, we must come together to find common ground, upon which we can all agree. At the Character Council, we agree that all people must have equal rights, protection, and privileges under the law.

Our motto is “Character…It starts with me”. We must each examine what we can do to be a part of the solution, a builder of a kinder and wiser future. To that end, the Character Council pledges our continued commitment to the Character Qualities that will make our Tri-State region a better place to live, work, and play. Character, after all, is everyone’s responsibility, no matter who you are. Whether you hold a position of leadership in government, education, community, business, faith, or as an individual, you influence the character of those around you. 

Even as much as we advocate for our vision of a better world, we now know that we have more work to do. Moving forward, we will be examining the resources we create, through a more inclusive lens, to ensure that we are working for the necessary unity that diverse communities require. We know that we can be better together. With your help, we can truly become a region of good character.

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