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Contributed from Encyclopedia of 7700 Illustrations


Ludwig Nommensen, a pioneer missionary to the Batak tribesmen (Indonesia), was told that he could only stay for two years. During this time he studied the customs and traditions that rules the people. At the end of the time the chief asked him if there was anything in the Christian religion that differed from the traditions of the Batak. “We, too, have laws that say we must not steal, not take our neighbor’s wife, nor bear false witness,” the chief said.

The missionary answered quietly, “My Master gives the power to keep His laws.” The chief was startled. “Can you teach my people that?, he asked. “No, I cannot, but God can give them that power if they ask for it and listen to His Word.”

The missionary was then permitted to stay another six months. During this time he taught just one thing – the power of God. At the end of that time, the chief said, “Stay: you law is better than ours. Ours tells us what we ought to do. Your God says. ‘Come, I will walk with you and give you strength to do the good thing.’ ”

From the patient, focused and devoted ministry of this pioneer missionary, the Lord was pleased to raise up some 450,000 Batak Christians, with their own independent church organizations.

– Commission

[Adapted with permission from Encylopedia of 7700 Illustrations, by Paul Lee Tan,

Assurance Publishers, Rockville, MD, 1984. #2043]



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