Character in Real Life - One-Minute Testimonials

Patience – A One-Minute Testimonial Announcement

Faith Committee, Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky


Contributed by Clyde C. Miller
Senior Pastor (Retired), First Christian Assembly, Cincinnati, OH

July 28, 2001


Peter, an example of patience? You’ve got to be kidding. Why, he was Mr. “do-it-now Blunderbuss” if there ever was one. But we all can relate to this once impatient, jump-out-of-the-boat-walk-on-water” extrovert. Like his Master, Jesus, he had to “learn obedience” (read “patience”). If Peter could learn patience, then there is hope for the likes of you and me!

First, look at his “pre-patience” days. Among the Apostles, he was the first to swear he would die before he would leave Jesus, the first to grab a sword to defend Jesus, the first to deny Jesus, the first to request to walk on water, -and try it (!), the first to rush to the empty tomb and he would have been the first one there, except the younger and speedier John outran him. However, Peter was first to go blundering inside this now holy place.

Yes, his faults were most vividly displayed and magnified by his impatient personality. But he learned. He learned by being locked in jail for healing and preaching. He learned when God told him to accept Gentile Christians as equals. Yes, Like Jesus, he learned through the things he suffered, finally passing his final exam in patience as he requested that his Roman executioners crucify him upside down, if they must crucify him because he was unworthy to be crucified upright like his Master Jesus was.

Lessons from Peter: 1) Be yourself 2) Follow Jesus 3) Be sorry for your sins 4) Be honest 5) Be willing to be changed. Peter was, and God changed him from reed to rock. Take heart and have patience.



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