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Contributed from Encyclopedia of 7700 Illustrations


Canon Hague tells of a chaplain who was ministering to a dying boy in a past war. He asked him if he had any message for his mother. “Yes”, he said. “Tell her I am dying happy.” “Anything else?” “Yes. Write to my Sunday School teacher.” “What shall I say?” “Tell her I died a Christian: and I have never forgotten her teaching.”

A few weeks later the chaplain received a letter from the Sunday School teacher. It went something like this: “God have mercy upon me. Only last month I resigned from my Sunday School class, for I felt that my teaching was doing no good; and scarcely had I, through my cowardly faithless heart, given up my appointed work than I got your letter telling me that my teaching had been the means of winning a soul to Christ. I am going back to my rector at once to tell him that I will try again in Christ’s name and I will be faithful to the end.”

– Moody Monthly

[Reproduced with permission from Encylopedia of 7700 Illustrations, by Paul Lee Tan,

Assurance Publishers, Rockville, MD, 1984. #6255]



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