Resilience In School

vs. spiritless

Recovering from adversity

To practice Resilience I will:

  • adapt to adverse conditions
  • seek out support and build relationships
  • find meaning in all I do
  • not let failure stop my goals
  • build on my experiences 

    Bad Test Scores

    A bad test score is a perfect opportunity to practice Resilience.  There is more to the test than the final score.  It is a roadmap that will show you the areas in which you are weak.  If there is a final exam that will also cover this material, you know where to focus your attention.  You can also learn by looking at your testing history for patterns.  Do you consistently lose points on vocabulary versus concepts?  Do you do well with the recent material but struggle with older lessons?  Knowing these patterns can help you study better.  Whether it is a bad grade or a bad day, we can all practice learning from our failures or challenges to do better the next time.

    What will you use your Resilience on?

    The Links below will take you to Resources you can use in the classroom or in homeschool
    to teach the Character Quality of Resilience.

    Archived Bulletins for Resilience: