Patience In School

vs. restlessness

Taking the time necessary to work through a difficult situation

To practice Patience I will:

  • change the things I can change and accept the things I cannot
  • keep trying until I succeed
  • make the most of my wait time
  • not interrupt
  • not complain during delays

“Give me Patience, Now!”

In a world of microwaves, the internet, cell phones and instant everything patience has become a lost art. Consider the importance of patience in military tactics, sports strategies, and majestic redwoods. Patience is a powerful virtue.

Teachers are called upon to use and teach patience regularly. We must be patient while students learn to master things we can do without thinking. Every time we make students wait in line, we are testing our teaching of patience.

A young mother once had these words of wisdom to her youngster who was restless while waiting in line at the grocery. “You can either practice patience or complaining. Which do you want to be better at?” When I read those words as an adult, it struck me that I should be an A+ complainer for all the practice I’ve had!

This month choose to practice patience whenever the opportunity arises.

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