Humility In School

vs. arrogance

Recognizing the people and factors that have shaped my life

To practice Humility, I will:

  • give credit to others
  • admit mistakes
  • ask for help when I need it
  • realize my way is not the only way
  • think of myself less often

The Strength of Humility

At first blush, Humility may seem a synonym for weakness. Careful study of the quality will reveal just the opposite, as there is great strength in being humble. Humility asks that we honestly assess not only our weaknesses but our strengths as well. Humility is confidence that is rooted in fact and proper perspective. Humility lets us celebrate the successes of others without feeling threatened. We do not require others to have less to feel like we have more. One for all and all for one! This is a strong foundation for building community in a classroom.

This month, how will you use your Humility to strengthen interdependence?

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