Enthusiasm In School

vs. apathy

Expressing interest and excitement in what I do

To practice Enthusiasm, I will:

  • put my whole heart into what I do
  • smile to inspire others
  • be an eager giver
  • treat every job as important
  • not be discouraged by failure

    Enthusiasm Makes a Difference

    We’ve all endured boring lectures, whether from our student years or professional development workshops. We have learned to appreciate Enthusiastic teachers.  When an instructor is excited, then I am inclined to get excited and stay engaged.  The lesson will most likely be easier for me to remember.  Enthusiastic instructors bring an energy to the room that draws me in and makes me feel connected to the class. It encourages my participation, and I may ask more questions.  Engaging instructors make me feel respected and valued.  I’m worth the effort that went into the instructor’s preparation.  Students can reap the same benefits when a classroom teacher engages with genuine Enthusiasm.

    This month, what opportunity do you have to notch up the energy output?

    The Links below will take you to Resources you can use in the classroom or in homeschool
    to teach the Character Quality of Enthusiasm.
    Our other Pillars have resources that can be used in an educational setting or for education professionals.

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