Dependability In School

vs. inconsistency

Fulfilling commitments even in the face of difficulty

To practice Dependability I will:

  • keep my word
  • be careful what I promise
  • correct my mistakes
  • do my fair share
  • be aware of my limits 

    ‘Being There’
    – Bill Croskey

    Several years ago, Character First! had a story on its website about Dependability. In A.D. 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried the city of Pompeii. Archeologists uncovered the remains of some 2,000 inhabitants fleeing or seeking shelter in attics. But one soldier remained at his post, his hand gripping the hilt of his sword. From the standpoint of military Dependability, this soldier was Dependably brave to the point of death. Not only did he refuse to leave his post, he was engulfed by lava and died in the effort. I believe the U.S. has many soldiers such as this today, some of them from the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana area. They are Dependable soldiers who pull their share of the load – and then some. Our nation benefits from their Dependability. But, the first responders, sanitation workers, teachers, indeed, all workers who show up reliably every day benefit our country as well.

    But the story also got me to thinking about those who must decide if or when to leave their “posts.” One of the “I will…” statements is to “Be careful what I promise.” I think this means that I should consider how far I am willing to go in carrying out a promise I make. Until others decide it’s time to leave? Until I am the last one standing? Until death?

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