Dependability In School

vs. inconsistency

Fulfilling commitments even in the face of difficulty

To practice Dependability, I will:

  • keep my word
  • be careful what I promise
  • correct my mistakes
  • do my fair share
  • be aware of my limits

Dependability in the Classroom

Imagine this:  A young boy is having difficulty with a math worksheet in class. As his frustration builds, he recognizes the need to ask for help. He raises his hand and explains his problem to the teacher when she comes to his desk. Before she can help, the boy to his left offers to help because he has the worksheet almost finished. The second boy patiently explains how to work on the first problem and coaches the first boy on understanding the second problem. They both go on to complete their own worksheets. The struggling boy knew it was his responsibility to ask for help and that he could depend on his teacher to provide it. The boy who assisted knew that being dependable meant helping classmates and ‘having their back’.

In the classroom, Dependability can help students feel a sense of belonging when others are supportive, encouraging, and helpful. Being depended upon gives students confidence in their own abilities. This can lead to a more positive outlook and a greater sense of accomplishment. Relying on each other helps to strengthen relationships within the classroom and create a safer learning environment.

Studies have shown that dependable students are less likely to experience anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. This is because Dependability can help students to feel a sense of control over their lives and to build a strong support network. Students with strong dependability skills are likelier to complete assignments on time, study for tests, and participate in class discussions. This can lead to better grades and a deeper understanding of the material.

How will you encourage Dependability in your classroom?

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