Diligence Reading List

Jan 23, 2024 | Curriculum Connection | 0 comments

Children’s Picture Book Reading List for Teaching Diligence

Be Where Your Feet Are! by Julia Cook, illustrated by Jon  Davis

Children’s Virtues D is for Diligence Volume 4 by Melissa  Jones

Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury

Fix It with Focus: A Story about Ignoring Distractions and Staying on Task by Bryan Smith, illustrated by Lisa M. Griffin

Focused Ninja  (Ninja Life Hacks, #21) by Mary Nhin, illustrated by Jelena Stupar

Hocus Focus by Sarah Willson, illustrated by Amy Wummer

Hocus Pocus Practice Focus by Amy Kimlat

How the Camel Got Its Hump by Christianne C. Jones, illustrated by Ronnie Rooney

Lazy Ninja (Ninja Life Hacks #4) by Mary Nhin, illustrated by Jelena Stupar

The Little Green Hen by Alison Murray

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