Creativity In School

vs. underachievement

Approaching a need, a task, or  an idea from a new perspective

To practice Creativity I will: 

  • use my talents for good
  • see things from more than one perspective
  • use principles to solve problems
  • be a lifelong learner
  • try new approaches

‘Great Powers for Good’
– Bill Croskey

Just before his inauguration, President-elect John F. Kennedy spoke to the Massachusetts legislature and offered this Biblical quote: “For of those to whom much is given, much is required.” One can imagine that a powerful politician, let alone a Kennedy, might sometimes need to remind himself and others that the rich and powerful were not merely supposed to enjoy their privilege but might choose to give something back, as they say. This idea has always held great power for me.  But, with my often juvenile view of things, I tend to seek my philosophical guidelines, not so much from politics as from comics. Thus, my comic book version of this philosophy comes from Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben, who says, “Remember, with great power, comes great responsibility.”

The Character Quality of the Month, Creativity, is defined as “Approaching a need, a task, or an idea from a new perspective.” That is one of the Character First! definitions which coincides with our general understanding of Creativity. As is common with me, I find the “I will…” statements very illuminating. One in particular caught my eye: I will… “Use my talents for good.” In other words, Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben’s was admonishing him to use his super powers to help others.


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