Character In The Classroom Continuously

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There are many ways that you can teach the Character Quality of Month. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Ask students to make posters to hang in the classroom or around the school.
  • Challenge students to find quotes, news stories, current (or classic) songs or movies that portray the character quality of the month. Be sure to share these with the class and “archive” these to use in future years.
  • Add the character trait of the month to the spelling word list. (Even if it is posted in the classroom to copy!)
  • Offer for students to make a video or write a rap that demonstrates the Character Quality of the Month.
  • If you teach younger students, see if you can “borrow” some older students to lead your students in an activity or switch the roles and have the younger students “teach” a rhyme to the older students.
  • If you teach older students, you can be the initiator in the previous activities.
  • Invite local business leaders or small business owners to talk about the importance of a character trait. If you teach older students, aim to get a representative from a business that typically hires teens so that they can relate the importance of good character when applying for and keeping a job.
  • Men and women in uniform usually make impressive guest speakers. Police departments, fire departments and military recruiting offices are usually willing to come into a classroom. Do not be afraid to give them specific requests or guidelines for speaking so that it is pertinent to the lessons of the month.
  • Always have a generic character activity planned and ready to go that you can use as filler when you have time to kill or that a substitute teacher can use in your absence.

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