Tolerance In Faith

vs. prejudice

Demonstrating respect for others who do not share my perspective

To practice Tolerance, I will:

  • expect the same of myself as others
  • see things from the perspective of others
  • listen before forming an opinion
  • learn to value differences
  • help myself, and others, grow
“Our Value in the Church”

I was at a seminar once where the speaker held up a designer handbag and an empty whipped cream container. She asked which one had the greater value. We all chose the handbag. We were wrong. To her, the handbag held no value because it was too big for her. The whipped cream container was one she froze leftovers in. It was the perfect size for her and her husband.

Our worth is not assigned by the value the world places on us but by our heavenly Father. He redeemed everyone of us because we are his children. For this reason, we need to be tolerant and accepting of those around us. We are all created in his divine image. Paul tells us about the diversity of the human body and how this mirrors the church. We each bring our different gifts to the altar. Together, we function as the Body of Christ.

This month, practice tolerance and value the gifts of others.

The Links below will take you to Resources you can use in a Christian Faith Based setting
to encourage the Character Quality of Tolerance.
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