Sarah Teaches Us About Patience

by | Mar 1, 2022 | Faith Reflection

We meet Sarah- formerly known as Sarai in Genesis as the wife of Abraham (previously Abram). Abraham had been promised to be the father of many so Sarah naturally expected that she would be a part of this destiny, but the couple grew old and childless. The promise was not happening in the timeline in which they had planned.

Sarah became impatient with doubt that caused her belief in the promise to wane. Afterall, she was beyond child-bearing years so to her the promise was void. But God’s timeline does not always match our own. In Genesis chapter 18, the Lord again promises descendants to Abraham and Sarah and tells them that within the year they shall have a son. Sarah’s response was to laugh. She had waited so long it was hard to believe the promise again. But this time, she did have a son and named him Isaac as the Lord had commanded.

The story of Sarah teaches us that we cannot understand God’s timeline. We must wait patiently for God’s promises to be fulfilled as he never lets us down.