Peter Teaches Us About Endurance

by | Jun 1, 2019 | Faith Reflection

We all remember the story of Peter denying that he knew Jesus just before Jesus was crucified. How do you think Peter felt after he denied knowing Jesus? We know that Peter went on to become a great preacher and became the first Pope of the new Catholic Church. Unlike Judas, who let his guilt and failure lead to his death, Peter used it to better himself and pushed on.
It’s easy to let failures get us down in our lives but we must rally our Endurance. God has a plan for us but as humans we don’t always understand the big picture. The challenges and failures may be preparing us for something bigger and better.
To demonstrate this, find something that has been embroidered. On the reverse side, you see the knots and threads crossing and it isn’t very pretty. Sometimes this is all we see of what we are trying to accomplish. If you turn the piece over you can see a wonderful picture that couldn’t exist without the “ugliness” of the backside.
When we are in the midst of challenges, we need to remind ourselves of the embroidery and the promise of a beautiful picture when we are done.