Matthew Teaches Us about Decisiveness

by | Jun 24, 2024 | Faith Reflection

Peter Teaches Resilience

Jesus’ disciple, Matthew, practiced decisiveness in following Jesus. Before Jesus called him to be a disciple, Matthew was a tax collector. The Jews hated the tax collectors, most of whom were Jewish themselves. Many felt the tax collectors had betrayed their nation by siding with the Roman government. In addition, tax collectors typically charged three to four times the actual tax, taking in their own profit and gain. They were shrewd, wealthy people.

Matthew was one of the hated.

After healing a paralytic, Jesus came by Matthew and simply spoke, “Follow me.” Time screeched to a halt as the Jews watched what would happen. Matthew, sitting at his tax collector booth probably thought about all the money he was making and all he would lose by following Jesus. Nevertheless, he did not hesitate. His decision was quick and assertive. The text records that Matthew simply “got up and followed him.” No questions asked. No second-guessing. Matthew decisively followed Jesus…leaving everything else behind.