Jonathan Teaches Us about Loyalty

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Faith Reflection

Peter Teaches Resilience

Jonathan was the son of King Saul. Normally, a son would succeed his father to the throne, but Jonathan knew that he would never be King. He knew that his best friend, David, was destined to be King. When David demonstrated courage and bravery on the day he slew the giant, Goliath, it compelled Jonathan to love him as much as his own life. He saw that David also had great faith and trust in God, and from then on, they were best friends. Jonathan gave David some of his treasured items: his robe, sword, bow and belt, and even his armor. Jonathon shows us how loyalty is rooted in love. It was this same event that caused Saul to be jealous of David and seek his death. Jonathon was a loyal friend to David. He knew that Saul was jealous of David. When Saul threatened to have David killed, Jonathon would speak on his behalf. Jonathon was a man of courage and conviction. He would often put his own life in danger to protect his friend, David. Jonathon shows us that loyalty requires courage.