Punctuality In Faith

vs. tardiness

Showing respect for others by doing the right thing at the right time

To practice Punctuality I will:

  • think of the impact my tardiness has on others
  • prepare for unexpected delays
  • do my work ahead of time
  • plan a daily schedule and stick to it
  • not fall into the trap of “just one more”

“Our Precious Moments”

For the person of Faith, punctuality goes beyond just showing up on time. We are accountable to God for how we use our time. It requires a respect for time in that we spend our precious moments on those things that God has deemed important. It means putting Godly things ahead of worldly things. It is giving our first fruits: the first minutes of our day, the first dollars of our paycheck, and the first day of the week to Him. We all have been given a precious gift of time. None of us know how much time we have left so it is important that we use it wisely.

How will your punctuality show respect for God and others?