Flexibility In Faith

vs. stubbornness

Adjusting to change with a good attitude

To practice Flexibility I will:

  • not get upset when plans change
  • accepting the things I cannot change
  • be open to new and different experiences
  • learn from my mistakes
  • anticipate and prepare for change

“Flexible for God”

-Jill W Tomey

Our faith requires us to be flexible and react the way God wants us to react. Many times we get comfortable in where we are with our faith and then God calls us to love a little bit more or a little bit deeper. Sometimes we get stubborn and want to stay where we are comfortable. God calls us to think and act creatively and flexibly to accomplish our mission. Changes in life are inevitable and we need to stay flexible but focused on the mission of the Church. We need to embrace change knowing we have a firm foundation in our faith. Each time we resist change, we miss an opportunity to grow our faith.

This month, identify something from God you have resisted and give flexibility a try.


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